Our Story

“You must do the asana with your soul. How can you do an asana with your soul? We can only do it with the organ of the body that is closest to the soul – the heart.

So a virtuous asana is done from the heart and not from the head. Then you are not just doing it, but you are in it. Many people try to think their way into an asana, but you must instead feel your way into it through love and devotion.”

B.K.S Iyengar

These beautiful drawings not only raise funds but also show a glimpse of the depths of asanas (yoga postures) and bring yoga communities together for the one cause… spreading yoga teachings.

The inspiration for Arcline Gallery came through a meditation, continuously for months. This was while working in Nepal and searching for new ways to help others grow in every way.

In 2009 I met a talented Melbourne artist who could turn my guided meditation into a tangible reality.  Each picture was originally a photo, donated by teachers all over Australia and New Zealand, from all yogic traditions. 

This is artwork that not only raises money towards spreading yoga teachings to anyone of diversity in the Himalayan region but also creating teachers in local communities and showing the depths of what practising asana actually does on a deeper level. 

At Arcline Gallery, we are inspired by clean, minimalist designs and soul inspirations. All originals were drawn in Melbourne by a local artist, drawn from photographs donated by teachers from all styles of yoga from all around Australia and NZ. 

Images onto stone and wood are made in Brisbane by a local business we love.

All the frames are creating using hardwood timber that has been salvaged from old fences or buildings. The stone panels are then carefully packaged and sent to you ready to be hung in your home or office space.

We love that no two of our handcrafted panels are the same and each print on stone has its own character and set of perfect imperfections.

We hope that these images serve as a form of inspiration, elevation, and an aid in greater devotion for finding a comfortable seat for your own heart through asana practice.


Yes, they're for sale and can be found at Yoga Tree in Melbourne and at Summer Healing in Carnegie and Glen Waverley Studios.

Sizes and Prices you ask?

A3 are $290; A2 $380. To know if an original image is still in stock please get in touch!